Saturday, December 26, 2009

Best of 2009

This is, of course, just my perspective. There are 2 runs in particular that I love running that, for the first time, won't be in my top-3 list: the Tarzan Brown Mystic river run and the Twilight Trail run. I was sick for the latter this year and I did the former only 2 days removed from a 22 mile training run. My top-3 this year:
3. Philly Marathon. This was my first marathon and the whole experience was very positive. In particular, the crowd support for this race was by far the most I've ever had for any race ever. I'm guessing many of the big city marathons are like this - but it really blew me away. The weather was perfect. I may run 20 more marathons in my life and never again have weather this perfect. I also liked the training for it. 5 days a week was a grind - but the tempo-work was relatively easy and the long runs were hard - but satisfying. Oh, and I PRed - but it's a very beatable PR.
2. O'Niantic 5k. A bit of a surprise. This run is always a cold day in March and the course has changed each of the last 2 years. I ran this after just starting training for a late spring 10K and surprised myself with a new PR. Still counts.
1. Niantic Bay Half. Nothing spectacular - I started too slow for my PR - but I think I was in great shape for this and really enjoyed some amazing negative splits. As far as "feeling good" during a race - and a long one at that - this was the best of the year. I'll take motivation from all races this year - but I think this experience has me chomping for a good half in 2010.



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