Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 15 - Taper, Glorious Taper

Ahhh. Finally - the easy stuff. I did 4 miles with DaveB and JCoe on Monday - just down to Eastern Point campus and back up in 33 minutes. Dave and JC had me going at a pretty fast pace - relatively speaking. It was a beautiful day to be out. Unlike today. Today I did 5.8 miles with Larry and DaveT in 49 minutes. The pace was pretty easy for the most part - but Larry and I did the "Sneaker's Mile" pickup in 6:58 - pretty good! Rest, don't Rust!

So I have another miscellaneous do whatever run on Friday - then I'll need to do 10-12 miles on Sunday. I'm thinking maybe doing a 8:40 pace 8 miles - with an easy 1.5 warmup and cooldown. The goal would be to practice my marathon pace - since I've neglected to do that. The only tricky part is getting some good mile-markers from google earth - since I'll have to do this one from home.

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