Monday, January 04, 2010

Winter Break Recap

My goal - post marathon - was to get more flexible, a little stronger and a little lighter. I'm pretty certain I failed at getting lighter since I ate like a horse the entire break. I've been working on flexible - although I think my 3-year old can kick my butt at downward facing dog.

Nevertheless, I managed 2 runs last week: a nice 9-miler last Sunday and a short 3.5 miler last Friday. In addition I did 3 short yoga sessions totaling 52 minutes and 6 8-10 minute strength workouts. I won't document all those workouts moving forward - but it'll be on my google docs page. Hopefully keeping track of it will allow me to be more consistent with it this winter.

Today I kicked off work and 2010 running with a 4+ miler totaling 39 minutes with Larry. I think it'll be a cold winter - so hopefully my friends can keep me going out at lunch.

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