Friday, June 08, 2007

Two Down, Two to Go

Did my second 'short tempo' run today: 3.52 miles at 7:07 pace. The first two miles were right under 7:00 min/mile, the uphill was again a problem: 7:25 and the last 1/2 mile was just over 7:00 - so the pacing was overall pretty good. Next week I may try the 'reverse' bitch run to give me more of a flat 4 mile stretch. The weather felt good until I got around the back of the loop, away from the shore - when it started to feel hot and a little difficult.

The total mileage for today's run was 4.92 and the total for the week was 15.8. I actually feel mutch better now than I did before the run - back to work.

The plot is my pace [top]/time [bottom] versus the distance for my 'tempo' runs - in general I'm pretty close to what I should be based on my pacing charts - which is a surprise - runs like today that I think are a little slow actually look very close plotted like this. Since my best run so far has been the 4.72 miler I did during the 1/2-Marathon pacing in April, I based the rest of the line on that - interestingly, most runs look very close to it. The 9-miler is the most 'off' - but even that is looking pretty close.


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