Saturday, March 15, 2008

O'Niantic 5K

The O'Niantic 5K was today. Results are here. My best 5K race yet: 6:41 min/mile pace. I finished 2/19 in my age group - although the divisions were generously divided into 5 year groups (I would've been 4th in a conventional 30-39 group). Actually, since the race winner, Stephen Herrera won the race - I may actually have 'won' my age group depending on how they did that. In anycase, I left immediately after the race to join my kids and their grandmother at the SE-Connecticut children's museum, where we spent the remainder of the day.

Update: So the day started with a lot of rain. My plan was to take the kids and my mother to Niantic, and have them eat some Dunkin Donuts while I registered and waited for the race to start. However, with the rain I parked near the Children's Museum and ran back to the bike shop to register - then walked the kids (and Mom) to the front of the museum (where they were nice enough to let us in early). I then walked over to the start. I didn't have my watch or GPS - which may actually be a good race strategy - at least for the shorter races. I started way to fast (6:30), but managed to keep it up for 2 miles (13: and change). I struggled the last 1.1 mile, including slowing to a walk part of a hill - but managed to push through for a decent time. I then made my way back to the museum - change a poopy diaper, and change into some non-stinky clothes. Hopefully I wouldn't have missed any good shwag. I then hung out for a great morning until noon before heading back to Mystic. A good morning. And, hey, they did give my first in my age group. I'll immortalize it here, since we won't be seeing this again unless I live to 90 and still have my knees:

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