Thursday, May 22, 2008

Filling out the Week

So it's been a busy week at home and at work. I did 5 miles yesterday with Dave from work at a pokey pace. My legs still felt like dog meat after the hills the day before. I ended up skipping the swim workout so that I could help my wife setup for my 2-year old's birthday party (which is tomorrow evening).

Still, after missing Monday's run, I needed to get out again today. I initially wanted to bike in today but the rain discouraged me, so I ended up leaving work a little early and going for what turned out to be a beautiful trail run - back at bluff point. I just did one loop (~3.6 miles) at another slow pace since the legs are still sore. I was absolutely stunning out - the sun was shining, but it was in between rain storms so everything appeared very bright and clean. I saw some very vivid blue jays, red wing black birds and even a racoon scooting along the trail.

Now, I'm left with the need for yet another run or bike tomorrow - as I need to boost my mileage some more, but I've also got to get home reasonably early for the big party. It's just a busy week. Oh, and Jen has a new car.

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