Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, my first College World Series was awesome. I was able to hang out with my dad and nephew for four full days of baseball, baseball and more baseball. It was almost too much baseball: we didn't eat out once (just ballpark food) and saw nothing but Rosenblatt stadium - I suppose that's why they want to move it to downtown Omaha. We stayed across the river in Council Bluffs Iowa at a Holiday Inn. Unfortunately, we never figured out how to get to the trail along the river, so I had to do my runs in a brutally hot gym on the treadmill. I was also stuck in flood-ravaged Iowa Saturday morning, so I missed my interval run. In all, I did 4.5 Sunday, 3.5 Monday and 3.0 miles on Tuesday. Of course, I can't feel sorry for myself after seeing first hand the devistation in Iowa. Cedar Rapids was completely underwater and the 'surge' is slowly moving south - wiping out towns along the way. Having said that, the detour route through Iowa proved to be many miles of beautiful country side - I surprisingly loved Iowa. On the flip side, I'm big time pissed at Southwest Airlines. I never felt completely stranded by an airline before, but that's basically they're plan for us (many of us) stuck at Midway last Friday. SWA - fu!

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