Friday, May 30, 2008

Bike and Run.

A beauty of a day today! It's actually nicer than the picture (certainly warmer). I managed to bike in to work today. I did a different route than normal - this time taking Haley Farm (including a tough hill to get there). I had thought it would cut down on mileage - but when I estimated it on Google Earth, it came out to be ~9 miles, less than a mile saved - and one extra mean hill. If that wasn't enough, I did a slow 4 miles with a friend of mine from work over lunch and will have to bike home as well. So the weekly 'equivalence' mileage should be around 23 (5 swim, 4.5 bike and 14 running), which is good, although I wish I had a longer 'long' run. Nevertheless, I'm setting up to have a nice 4 week run before the JP Morgan race.

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