Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August Training in Philly

So this week I'm at the ACS National meeting in Philadelphia. The running has been difficult for a few reasons. I made it out Sunday for ~ 5 miles of easy jogging in the afternoon. I'm staying about 2.5 miles from Fairmount park - which I'm guessing is the best running you'll find in Philly - so Sunday's run just went toward the tip of it.

I was, unfortunately to hung-over Monday morning to run, but managed to stay off the sauce better last night and made it out for a strong 8 miler today that took me a bit further into the park. Very pretty running - although this morning felt very humid. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get a good interval run in - since I started my 'tuning' last week at the track. Since I don't have a track, I'll probably aim for 5x1000s - since that's about 4 minutes of hard running for me. The other nice thing about running while traveling is having access to the hotel gym. I took a trip from Blood Sweat and Beers - and use the gym to do some light biking after the run to cool down and help the legs recover. Too bad I don't have this capability back home/work.

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