Thursday, August 14, 2008

August Training

So yesterday I made it out for a run/swim down at Eastern Point. I probably did ~3 miles running and maybe 1/3 of a mile in the water. It felt pretty good, although the legs were still sore from the difficult runs on Monday and Tuesday. I went to the beach with the family later - and passed on another swim and the WTAC fun run.

Today I went out for a quick 3.8 miler: just the Avery Point loop and back - which took me 30:22 - just under 8:00 min/mile pace. The weather felt hot and humid - but it was only ~80 and 70% humidity - which isn't horrible. Nevertheless, the run felt difficult. My legs: calves and quads - still feel sore. Maybe I'll try and get over for new shoes tonight or tomorrow. My mileage for the week is over 20. Hopefully I'll stay motivated for a short run tomorrow.

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