Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two More Tri Workouts

Yesterday I did my longest scheduled Brick workout at Haley Farm afterwork: 54 minutes on the bike (~11 miles) and 27 minutes running (~3.1 miles). The run felt hot, humid and difficult - my legs were certainly struggling from the get go. I felt overheated all night. Today and ran down to Eastern Point Beach and did 6 lengths (~0.4 miles). Not many jellies (took one on the left forearm - but not bad) and the water felt wonderful. I swam pretty cautiously looking for jellies - which probably wasn't warranted - I think maybe there are less when you have low tide - or when the tide is heading out. Most importantly, I've borrowed a road bike - which I hope to take for a spin tomorrow at lunch or in the afternoon.

Overall, it's been a pretty solid week of training - with 3 critical workouts already complete: long run, brick and swim. I just want to round out the mileage (I've done ~18 eq. miles so far) and test the road bike over the next two days - and then do some easy workout next Monday and Tuesday.

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