Friday, July 18, 2008

Kids in Bed Brick

So I managed my Brick tonight: 57 minutes riding (~11 miles, all trail) + 18 running (~2.2 miles). This would be about 5 eq.miles - so a pretty good night. Actually, it marks the most miles and minutes on the bike so far. I'd like to do about 3 more 60 minute bricks (2 with a road bike) before the triathlon. Yes, I'm going to try and do it, and maybe even bike in a few more times after that - can't let the fear of getting run over by a car keep me in one! Although, I have to say - hitting the Bluff Point and Haley Farm trails tonight was awesome - I may have to try that workout again. The 'Twilight Trail Ride'. I saw 2 deer and one ground hog and a few cute baby rabbits.

My totals for the week turned out pretty good: 20 miles running - flat out + 3 eq. miles swimming and about 3 riding - for about 26 total - my largest in a while. Not bad considering how well I was doing mid-week. Hopefully I can bump that up a tad more next week. I'd like to get close to 30 two weeks in a row. And maintain some good cross-training aerobic capacity through August before bringing back some speed and tempo work in the early fall.

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