Friday, July 11, 2008

First Ever Brick Workout

A bike, followed by a run is a brick workout. Today I biked into work (46 minutes) and then ran for 15 minutes outside of work - down towards Eastern Point. I'll also bike home - so my equivalence mileage should be 4.5 bike (18 total) and 2 run - bringing my total for the week to just over 22 miles (about 11 of which was running). That's not bad, but after my killer Monday, a little disappointing.

This weekend features the Sailfest 5K road race, bright and early Sunday morning. I'm going to try and make it over - should be doable since my in-laws are visiting. I'm really not very certain where my overall fitness is - with so much of my miles coming on the bike or in the water. I suppose I'll find out. The weather, at least, should be pretty moderate for this time of year.

Update: Sailfest may be out. I was side-swiped by an old dude in a mini-van coming home for work yesterday. I don't have many injuries - all things considered - but my leg is a little swollen where the van rubbed against it. Any bikers have suggetions on how to avoid bad drivers? I already take back-roads/trails when possible - but the whole experience has me thinking twice about biking.

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