Thursday, January 08, 2009

Damn it was windy today.

but I made it out anyway. I did "the reverse" - including both loops again. The wind wasn't bad until the Avery Point loop, but then I could feel the 30 mph, with 45 mph gusts - not fun running. What's weird is that I completed the 5.2 miles 30 seconds faster than Monday's run, despite the wind. That's 10 miles. I'm thinking of keeping it at 10/week until the end of January - just in maintain mode - before adding more in.

Spring Race Schedule. Some good news. Feburary first is the Super Bowl 5k out at Narraganset and March 1st is the Hare Hop - both 5ks. May is trail run month: the 9th is the Shad Bloom run (10K) out on Block Island, the Trails for a Cure (8M) is May 17th and the Twilight Trail run is apparently a little later (probably trying to avoid the rain) - May 29th. The Niantic Bay 10K is June 12th, which kinda sucks since I'd like it earlier: further from the JP Morgan run, and a possibly a little cooler.

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