Monday, December 22, 2008

Year in Review

I made it to 9 races this year - so it's time to review.
1. The top race of 2008 for me must have been the Twilight Trail Run - Groton. I didn't go into this one with the highest expectations - but I came out of it with my second age group win of the year/life, as I covered the 7.4 miles at a 7:15 min/mile pace. As a bonus - it's a trail run - muddy, rainy and fun.
2. CVS 5k - Providence. Last year this was pretty down on my list, so this year was all about redemption. I ended up setting a 5k PR with a 6:40 pace. Cheese Cake factory lunch afterword helps also.
3. JP Morgan Championships - NYC. I had never done this one, and the elite field and excitement of running up and down Park Avenue made it one to remember. I ended up covering the 3.5 mile course at a 6:45 min/mile pace.
Honorable Mention: There were a lot of *very* good races this year: I set my first 5k PR at the O'Niantic 5K in March (6:41 pace) *and* won my first age group ever - so that one is pretty memorable. I also PR'ed at the wtac track mile, but didn't break 6:00 min/mile - so I still have some work to do there. The wtac beach run was great fun (first bare-foot run).
Disappointments: Not bad this year, but I certainly wanted to go a little faster than 6:51's at the Tarzan Brown, and although I enjoyed the race, I would've preferred not to be sick during the little Rhody Run'around. My least favorite of the year was the JP Morgan Quilifier in Central Park: the weather was hot, the race was crowded and the travel back the night of the race is a drag.

As a runner, goals are always important, especially this time of year. My short term goal is simply to add some strenght. Clearly, if I'm going make any quantum leaps in times - I'll need to improve my overall strenght. It's doable - I have a plan. Longer term for 2009, I'd like to hit a 10k next spring - since I haven't really done one of those. Perhaps I'll try and run that a few weeks prior to the JP Morgan Qualifier - so my fitness can cary over. Then, maybe aim for a 1/2-Marathon in the fall. I still don't think I'm game for the full Marathon.

Since I don't have another forum - I have to mention how happy I am to see the San Diego Charges get another crack at the Denver Broncos - following this years earlier officiating travesty. NFL Karma at it's finest. Hopefully the Bolts will bring it.

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