Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lil' Rhody Runaround - 8 Mile Trail Run

Today I headed out for the lil'Rhody Runaround - an 8 mile trail run through Burlingame State Park in Rhode Island. I almost didn't go due to illness - but this was my last possible race of the year so, good or bad, I decided to head out.

I started ok, tried holding back a bit, and realized at 17 minutes that I was in for a long day. About 1 minute later I stubbed my right big toe hard, shooting pain through my foot. I managed to regroup and keep chugging through the next few miles. Around mile six, I again missed a turn and was fortunate that someone close behind called out. Soon after that we hit a series of small, but difficult hills and more technical trail: the trail was knotted with hard, tree roots about 1 inch in diameter, that I noticed had given me a bad blister in my left foot. 2 miles to go - more of the same for another mile, then mercifully, the paved road back to the Burlingame parking entrance: 1:08:32. Not great, but certainly better than I was thinking throughout most of the race, and pretty decent considering (1) the cold/flu I've had and (2) the technical make-up of most of the course.

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