Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting into Shape

Well - this week was my last week of running 'seriously'. And even then, it didn't amount to much. I did 5.1 miles Tuesday, Wednesday, and then did a quick 4.3 today. So the total was only 14.5 miles - down from my average. I felt pretty 'blah' today - so tonight I did my long lost workout: 2x60 seconds 'wall' with 20 calf lifts, then 4x12 shoulders and curls with 3 planks in between sets (30-60 seconds each), before finishing with 2x60 seconds 'wall' and 20 toe-in calf lifts. A good workout. I've had some very motivating blogs: Walsh racing, his woman and Amateur Endurance. Hopefully I'll stay motivated post surgery.


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