Monday, November 03, 2008

Tarzan Brown Mystic River Run, 2008

Yesterday I ran the 33rd running of the Tarzan Brown Mystic River run. In the past, this has been my best run of the year in terms of performance, but I took a bit of a step back this year, finishing in 37:40 good for a 6:51 min/mile pace. This was about 20 seconds off of last year's time and my worst time in the past 3 years - although it was pretty close. There is no great way to analyze the results. I thought I trained pretty well for it, and I was in the ballpark - I just didn't get it done. I think to keep improving, I need some sort of leap in either weekly mileage or perhaps better overall fitness (more strength training). I'll probably lean toward the latter - since it'll likely be difficult to pile on more mileage.

The race itself was again one of the years best: picture perfect day, lots of familiar faces, great crowd and a decent party after the race. A number of the local toddlers even did the 1k race - maybe I should consider having Julia run in one of those soon.

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