Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Half-Day = No Run

So my kid puked on me last night at one in the morning. Which led to me (1) staying home half the day with a sick kid and (2) missing a few hours of sleep; which in turn has caused me to miss my scheduled run. No biggy - that's winter running - always plenty of reasons to miss runs. I'll hope to go out Friday - and have Monday/Friday ~ 1 hour 30 minutes of running - which is pretty weak. I did managed to do: 10 minutes upper body and 10 minutes of legs + 12 minutes of yoga stretching. So that's good. I also may try either hitting the pool or running tonight - we'll see.

The other thing I found was this cool calorie look-up thing. I tried it for today:
  1. Breakfast: half-bagel (177) + cream cheese (50) and nutella (60): 287
  2. Lunch: ~ 1 Cup Lipton Dry Soup (154) + 4 slices of whole wheat bread with olive oil (~350): 500
  3. Snacking: Another Bagel w/cream cheese (450) and 220 calories of Mike and Ikes: 670
That's pretty cool - it also estimated that I'd need to restrict my total daily count to 2600 to maintain my current weight and 2100 to drop to 155. So - that would mean (with a 225 calorie beer) I only have a little over 400 calories to play with at dinner tonight. We'll see...

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