Saturday, October 16, 2010

Off the Track and Into the Pool

Thursday I did off-track 5x800s. I wanted to do 6x800s - but I was feeling a little sick so I ran the second to last 800 at an easy pace. I think I managed all of them at about a 6:20 pace - although being off-track it's hard to tell. The day wasn't very nice - kinda cold and windy. Yesterday - more marginal weather - so I headed for the pool. It was the first time in 5 weeks and it felt difficult. I didn't do any of the 'fast' interval workouts - instead I did a 400 warmup (mixed), 400,200 free; 100 pull - and 100 cooldown (50 back, 50 breast). 1200 total - a good start. I'll try hitting it once a week - taking it easy and maybe resume 2/week workouts in December.

With many of my friends doing marathons this time of year - I've been considering a spring marathon - but have decided it's probably impossible given this years kid drop off schedule. Maybe next fall or spring...

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