Friday, September 03, 2010


I made it out for 10 miles today before hurricane Earl roars into town. Well, the problem is that all the schools were letting out, so I had to drop off kids at 9, run, pickup kids at 12. The ten miles took one hour and 28 minutes. I had a 15 miler planned, but that wasn't gonna happen in that time frame. And the humidity was solid 100% - so 10 was fine.

I took yesterday off and swam 1600 on Wednesday. Very humid all weak - I'm hoping for a monster week next week: Monday - 5 miles with 20 minute tempo, 3EZ Tuesday, Wednesday - 7 with a 5 mile race pace (7:30 or so), swim Thursday and a 14-15 miler on Friday. I may not be able to push it to 15 since my previous long was 12 - but we'll see how I'm feeling.

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