Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Lazy Summer

Well - not really. Training last week was limited to 2 runs in London's Hyde park (Sunday/Monday) and a short yoga session. I wanted to run in Sheffield, but the conference was pretty busy (very little free time) and the weather was rainy. Upon my return, I've managed runs yesterday (Tuesday) and Monday - both sucked - very hot and humid in New England. Now I'm down at the Jersey Shore for the remainder of the week and it's high 90s and high humidity. My hope is to get 2 more short runs in tomorrow and Saturday - maybe a beach run if I'm lucky.

Of course - the flip side from training is life - very nice to spend some time with the family. And my mother-in-law actually got a really good summer wheat - unfiltered! So - I'll get back to real training next week - and start thinking about that fall 1/2.

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