Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good Ole' Nut Freezer

Went out today for my first dip in the Long Island Sound. NOAA's page said it was 61.2 degrees - which is about how it felt. We did 4 lengths of the beach - I'm guessing about 500 yards total. I was still freezing after the first lenght - but felt nice and warmed up by the time we left. Including the 3 miles (or so) of running to get there - about 5 eq.miles.

Yesterday I swam in the warm confines of the UCAP pool. 500 warmup (various strokes), then: 2x50;100 [breadth every 6 strokes]; 4x50; 200 [breadth every 5 strokes]; 6x50; 300 [breadth every 4 strokes]. That workout always kills me - I feel like I'm going to drown during the 200.



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