Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Week 2 Mile Training

So this week got off to a difficult start. I gave myself 2 days off after the Twilight Trail Run because my legs were super tight. I then hit the track Monday after work for a quick speed session. I was late getting there so I only did 3/4-mile warmup, then my first 150 - very bad reaction from the legs. I could run - but I was afraid something was going to pop. Nevertheless I did another, then switched to 2x30 sprints (with a 50 yard lead in). The workout called for 3-4 of each and I managed 2 - so I didn't quite do all of it - but something is better than nothing.

Last night I did the strength video with the wife (40 minutes) and then today I did 43 minutes in the pool totaling 1700 yards - the most yet! It felt great. I started with a 500 warmup (200 free, 50 back, 50 breast, 100 pull, 100 kick), then: 2x200 steady; 300 build; 1x100 steady; 1x100 pull - and then 50 back/breast to warm down. I'll do nothing but yoga until Friday in which I'll probably do another race - this time a road 10K.



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