Friday, May 21, 2010

Week -1: Again?!?

So I miscounted the number of weeks before my mile-training starts. But that's a good thing - it finishes off the hills next week before the next phase begins. I rebounded with an extra good week of running. Last week wasn't bad overall - but I don't want many weeks with only 8 miles running if I'm going to give a decent shot at the twilight trail run and thje Niantic Bay 10K. So this week looked like: long run, swim, easy run, easy run, fartleks [don't laugh].

The long run was only 7.5 miles and it came after a difficult weekend. My father in-law had a stroke, and that's really the dominating event in my families lives write now. It effects my wife the most, but will no doubt change everything. I have a good deal of kid-guilt for the first time as a dad. Time to focus on the family a little.

I did get a nice visit from my father after his Banjo Camp North experience (which he loved). And some other decent workouts. The swim felt tough, but satisfying: 5x50 fast; 300 steady; 5x50 fast. I'm knocking out the 50s in 50-53 seconds with about 30 seconds rest in between.

I managed 5 mile runs on Wednesday and Thursday which were 'eh (42-43 mins) and went on the same run today but did Fartleks since I've had no real intensity since last weeks hills. I did 4x3:30 (~ 1/2 mile). They felt hard but good. I also reversed the course so I could run up the Meche hill - my only hill work for the week. Amazingly, I did today's loop in 39 minutes - a solid 4 minutes faster than yesterday - same distance. What a difference a day makes. Overall 22.5 miles on the road - my most in a while. 1 swim workout, and a little over 1/2 hour yoga/strength work. Not a bad week.

Hard to believe but the best of the StarWars movies is 30 years old! On May 21st 1980 I was 8 years old - and absolutely astonished when I saw this movie in an absolutely jam-packed theater in Mesa Arizona. Life and times have changed - but this one still rocks and in my opinion is still the best. I'm not alone.

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