Friday, April 02, 2010

Tempo and Swim

Week 6 of my abbreviated 1/2 plan is more or less done. I did a 5 mile 'tempo-type' of run Wednesday with Larry. We did 5 miles in 38:40 - about a 7:44 pace - but like last week, faster along the back side than the front. I felt pretty strong the whole way - a good run. Last night I did my wife's "Firm" dvd again - a little easier on the legs the second time around. Today I hit the pool - it felt good but it is starting to feel harder to go pool on these nicer Spring days. The workout was pretty simple today: 100 fast; 2x100 steady - 3x. The first 2 'fast' 100s I did in 1:50 - the last one I made it a point to go out slower and low-and-behold I rip-off a 1:48. Pacing seems to make a big difference with those 100s.

All in all a strong week. A good long/tempo on Sunday; pool work on Monday and Friday and a hard 5 in between. I'm still not certain about the early May half - but it hasn't sold out yet - so I'll keep putting off the decision until I get back from 'zona.

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