Sunday, March 21, 2010

Long Run and Swim.

It's good to be a Shriner.

So yesterday was the Mystic St.Patrick's Day parade - lots of fun with the family and friends. Before that I did the grocery shopping and after that I cooked dinner - end result: not much energy for a long run. I ended up going out at 7:30 pm - the plan was a 15 miler - but I ended up doing somewhere in the 10.5 - 11 mile range. The total time was 1:34 - good for a ~8:40 pace. I felt very strong for most of the run. The weather was perfect and I regained my energy as soon as I stepped out the door. My right achilles tendon was sore on and off the whole run which was a little worrisome - but the groins felt great the whole way which is great. I wish I could've done the full 15 - but that'd be another 30 minutes+ of running. I'm starting to question if I have the time to put in for the 1/2 marathon, maybe I'll look around for a 10K or 10-miler. With the swimming I've been doing (2x/week) - I'm just not logging that many miles running.

For instance, today I bagged a run at lunch and did the swim instead. The main part of the workout was: 1x200 slow; 2x200 build and 1x200 fast. Pretty easy except for that last part. I managed the 1x200 in under 4 minutes - which is really good for me. Total swim mileage was 1450 yards - good for ~5.3 in my equiv. mile converter. The rest of the week should be pretty easy.

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