Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Tempo Run of 2010

Not a good one. It looked like it was raining pretty hard - so I went to the UCAP pool/gym to use the treadmill. Turns out, pool/gym is a lethal combo when they put the treadmills on the second floor wings on either side of the pool - felt like near 100% humidity. Anyway, the workout was 9 minute warmup; 3 mile tempo; cooldown. The 3 mile tempo was broken up: 7:30 mile; 7:20 mile; 7:40 1/2 mile; 7:10 half mile. The tempo part took about 22:15 - or a 7:25 min/mile pace. Ideally this would've been lower - but it was just too damn hot in there. Another disturbing fact - the heart rate monitor said my heart rate was 175 - max for 40 year olds is 180! I think that's a bit high. I should've run outside...

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