Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week Four Recap

So I've recovered from my Clarks shoes fiasco and managed a second solid/unspectacular week of training. I managed 2 runs: Monday and Wednesday totaling 10 miles and 1 hour,25 minutes. The Wednesday run may have been longer - we did the Sneekers mile - which I covered in 7 minutes 14 seconds - not bad considering I've been pretty slow.

In addition I did 2 yoga sessions totaling about 40 minutes. I also did 3 strength session (core, legs, upper) totaling 25 minutes. Now that doesn't sound great - but Friday was great. I made it down for my first swim at the UConn Avery Point (UCAP) pool. I swam for 39 minutes - and it felt very nice but very hard - like I hadn't swam in 4 months. I plan to go at least once a week - occasionally twice/week. I would've done the pushup/situp workout this weekend - but my upper body was really very sore in protest of that new form of physical activity.

I have 3 more 'easy' weeks in which I hope to continue strength and cross training. Ideally I'd like to get 15 miles in for at least the final 2. Then 1/2-training starts for the Providence 1/2 marathon.

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