Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rough First Week

Well I'm only a little over 1 week into 2010 and it's totally kicking my ass. At 1:00 am Wednesday morning my 3-year old puked on me - and I ended up staying home with the sick kid. I managed to stick to training pretty well - getting in a good workout Wednesday and then I rebounded with a great run Thursday. I decided to do a tempo run - and kicked it in about 1 mile in down by the river. I managed to keep up a ~7 min/mile pace for a little over 2 miles (~2.15 or 15 minutes). I then continued to run another 3 miles (5.8 total). The tempo pace felt hard. But life would get harder.

I started to feel sick Thursday - I was hoping it was just run fatigue - but I got a fever that night and then stayed home all day Friday - mostly sleeping. Saturday I felt better, but then my wife got sick - she was puking most of the morning. Although I felt better, I managed to throw my back out taking out the trash. I scrapped through the day - the kids were very good - thankfully. My back still kills today - so training will have to wait. I did come up with a decent line: "my back's so sore I can hardly wipe my ass." Sounded funny at time.



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