Thursday, February 04, 2010

Starting to Gear Up!

So this is - so far - getting to feel more like training. Following Monday's Sneaker's Mile pickup - I did a 16:20 'almost tempo' for about 2.17 miles. This would be, if accurate a 7:32 min/mile pace. A little slower than what I want to get to - and a little shorter than I'd planned. Larry ran through Tyler to catch up - which is why I stopped when I did. He was pretty out of breadth from his 1/2 mile Tyler sprint - so we poked along after that for about 5.7 miles total - over 48 minutes. Which is fine - I got a 'tempo' and some decent mileage. Tomorrow I'd like to go longish - maybe 7.3 to round out the weeks mileage.

Today I woke-up with a mild upper-back/neck sprain - so I hit the UCAP pool for the first 'official' time (meaning that I paid-up for the year). It felt ok - more like work than last week. I'd like to try and hit 2 times a week some weeks - but it'll be hard the next 2 weeks do to the move. But at least I'm obligated to go now. And you can't beat the pool facility itself. So I'll learn to love it.

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