Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Warmup

Well my winter warmup is officially finished. This last week was difficult: my family moved our living quarters from one house in Mystic to another (bigger) house in Mystic. This occurred basically Sunday-Thursday. In addition - I'm still fighting a head cold which has made even these easy runs seem difficult. Nevertheless, I managed the following workouts:
  • Monday - easy run 3.8 miles; about 36 minutes
  • Wednesday - easy run 4.5 miles; about 42.5 minutes
  • Thursday - easy swim - same workout as last week ~ 35 minutes
  • Friday - easy run 4.2 miles; about 38.5 minutes
All told - almost 2 hours running - a lot more than I'd though, and a solid 1/2 hour+ in the pool. The big thing I missed was the strength/yoga work.

Next week I start the half-training. This should look like: 2 runs - one long, one tempo + 2 swims. In addition I need to get at least one of all of these in: leg workout, pushups/situps, upper body, core and yoga. I want to still focus on overall fitness during the Spring half - and then worry more about breaking PRs during the Fall half.

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