Sunday, February 07, 2010

Week Five Recap

I rounded out week 5 by skipping my 3rd run on Friday. I didn't really skip it - I just decided that I'm going to aim for 2 runs and 2 swims per week. Ideally, I'll try and get my long run in on Sundays - do 2 pool workouts from work and 1-2 runs from work - but 1 of those will need to be the tempo/interval work. I adjusted my half plan accordingly.

I also found this short training plan for the pool. I'll try this week to complete the week 1 plan. Hopefully I'll be a better swimmer by week 4. It seems like a pretty drastic reduction in running compared to the marathon training - but I think the 2 runs will be quality and the swimming should help my overall fitness. I think - over the next 2 months - I'll be glad I paid for the pool time - since the weather can be spotty in the NE until late Spring.



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