Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week 3 Done.

So I managed some nice workouts this week. After my long run Sunday, I did a solid swim workout on Monday. The main workout was a progression of 1x100 [25 fast;75 EZ], then 2x100 [25 EZ; 25 fast; 50 EZ], and so on totaling 1000 (+ warmup and cooldow). I liked the workout - it was interesting and relatively easy to keep track of. I then took Tuesday off and then did off-track 3x1 mile intervals on Wednesday. I've lost my watch again so I'm not certain how fast I did them - but they certainly felt difficult. The worst part was that my groin felt real sore - I really had to stretch it after each interval. Will this ever go away? More swimming on Friday - 2x200 Steady; 2x100 fast; 2x200 steady; 2x100 fast. The 'fasts' felt real hard. Almost a mile in the pool all told.

This weekend we're getting lashed with some serious wind-driven rain. I bagged my first run of the year - the O'Niantic 5k - mainly due to my groin - although I'm sure the weather kept the total number of runners pretty low. I probably would've had a good chance at an age-group place had I went (assuming the groin didn't snap after 1 mile).

Next week - I think I'm going to do 2 runs from work and maybe one swim - then resume the 2xweek swimming plan after that. I need a bit of a break from the pool. Besides - I probably can't go very long tomorrow with this rain storm and wind blowing around. It really is nasty out there.

I think this week has me a little down. Or, at least the groin does. I'll have to re-think my racing schedule a little. Hopefully it'll be ok for the Providence 1/2 and TwTr-Run. Then I can take the remainder of the summer and do another triathlon - before setting my sites on a fall 1/2 - 1oK combo.

Weekly totals: 18 miles running over 2 hours and 5 minutes; over 11 x-training 'miles' in the pool in over an hour and a half. As well as 50 minutes of 4x8 strength training + 1 yoga session.

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