Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Swimming and my Own Lentil Soup "Cleanse"

So I flipped my schedule around to do the swim workout today. I'll probably take Friday off and do the track work tomorrow [20x200s]. The swim felt good, but difficult. The main workout was: 5x50 fast; 300 steady; and 5x50 fast. The "fasts" felt hard - I managed most in under 55 seconds and a few close to 50. The 300 felt pretty easy.

Last night I did the "firm" workout with my wife, hoping to get some good weight training in. It was difficult - but felt mostly like a leg workout than anything. In fact, sore legs is partially what lead me to do the swim today (that, and strong winds outside - I hate running in the wind). Nevertheless - I'll try and stick to the Tuesday "firm" workouts - unless I start doing the team hill workouts - but I may not do those this year.

In diet news - I'm still hovering in the 157-160 range. I made this curry/lentil soup - ugh. and people pay good money for these "cleanse" diets - just make curry/lentil soup!



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