Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to Work

So after my Arizona vacation and triumphant return to the Southern New England running circuit, I've continued a good week of training with a Monday swim, hill workout yesterday and the 'Firm' workout last night. I re-did this swim from 2 weeks ago since I didn't complete the week then - and wanted to get back to 2/week. It was pretty easy - highlighted by a 300 build. However, despite the swim workout my legs were still sore yesterday when I headed out with the running team from work at lunch yesterday to do the hill workout - not a good combo. I was really brining up the rear - and had thought I'd be pretty solid this year on hills. The workout was a simple ladder: 30;45;60;75;75;60;45;30. Hopefully it'll feel easier next week. To really kill the legs - I did the Firm workout video - although I went easy on the lunges. I'll take it easy with some yoga today, swim tomorrow and easy running Friday.

In other news, I've bagged the idea of the Providence half since I'd like to continue to drop a few pounds and also focus on swimming 2x/week. I'll aim to run both the Twilight Trail run and the Niantic Bay 10K - both Friday night runs on back-to-back weeks. After that I think I'll transfer to summertime mode - and maybe do a 1-mile training program (long run + short intervals) that will allow for continued pool time - and transition from that to the summer triathlon. It's good to have goals.

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