Friday, May 07, 2010

Week -2: Done!

Since I skipped my first goal of the season - the Providence 1/2 - I'm targeting a few easy goals: (1) get stronger, (2) get more flexible, (3) lose a few more pounds and (4) maybe run a few mile races this year. I've basically been focusing on goals 1-3 all winter/spring. I'll simply swap-out hills for intervals in a month and try my luck at a 8-week mile plan.

This week started out poorly with no long run on Sunday, but I think I managed to rebound nicely. Monday I did a swim. I found myself getting tired of the sprints, so I did 400, 300, 200, 100 - but with the breathing from last week: every 3 strokes, 4, 5 and 6. It felt pretty good and difficult.

Tuesday I did the hills again: (60,75,90)x2 + an extra 4.5 miles - totaling 8 miles of workout that trashed my legs - but felt good.

Wednesday I did 5 easy at about a 8 min/mile pace. Then yesterday (Thursday) I was going to do nothing, but ended up in my wife's aerobics class after work. The woman worked the cores with lots of ball planks and did a crap load of lunges and squats - once again trashing my legs. I also did about 20 minutes of yoga that night - trying to relieve the legs a little.

Today the legs still felt bad, so despite the gorgeous running weather, I hit the pool for my second session of the week. I did 500 various warmup; 600 free, 300 free and 100 cool. An easy one, but the 600 was my longest continous. I think I'll try an 800 next week.

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