Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mile Training Underway

So my spring 1/2 marathon plan got swept into the pool with my 2/week swim schedule - but hopefully I'll be able to get some speed work in - starting this week! My back's still been a big problem - essentially shelving strength work for most of the last 2 weeks. In fact, after my trail run last Wednesday I only managed one swim on Friday before taking Saturday and Sunday off. I did do a run on memorial day - about 8 miles using a Fartlek-like ladder: 1min on/off, 2min on/off, 3 min on/off, 4 min on/off, 5 min on, 4 min off/on, 3 min off/on, 2 min off/on and 1 min off/on - over 8 miles (including warmup). Today I hit the pool for 1400 yards - including 800 yards over 16:45 - which is about 1:03 min/50 - pretty good. It was also my longest continuous swim since I started. I'll do speed work tomorrow, rest Thursday and then hit the trails for what's historically been one of my favorite races of the year: the Twiligh Trail Run at Bluff Point state park.


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