Saturday, June 12, 2010

10K PR!

Last night I finally accomplished what I set out to do last year - run a fast 10K and set my PR for that distance. For some reason this area has races of 5.5, 4.75, 7.4, 11.2, and a lot of 5 milers - but very few 10Ks. I attempted a hot hilly 10k last year up near Middletown and finished with a 46:50 time - a little frustrated and looking to do better. I knew I was in pretty good racing shape after last weeks Twilight Trail Run - so last night was it.

The conditions were near perfect and the race started out fast but I was feeling like I had a good rythmn. The course is absolutely beautiful and I soon found myself keeping the pace - sub 7 and passing lots of people between mile 1 and 4 - then it strung out a bit. I managed to pass one more dude before getting caught at the line by someone who had way too much left in the tank- but that's racing. At least he wasn't in my age group. I finished 3rd with a 42:57 and a 6:55 pace. A PR that'll be challenging to beat.

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