Saturday, August 07, 2010

John and Jesse Kelly Ocean Beach Race.

This morning I headed over to Ocean Beach New London for the 48th annual John and Jesse Kelly Ocean Beach run. 11.6 miles - usually brutally hot - but very nice and dry this morning. I ran with a friend from work through the first 8 miles at a 8 min/mile pace before moving a bit toward the end to end up with a 7:48 pace (~1 hour 30 minutes and change). It felt great and very relaxed - my first run of any distance in many months. This caps my first week of my 8 week half-marathon training plan. The next 2 weeks will be a little weird because of the triathlon - I may not do another run longer than 8 miles for 3 weeks - but I'll be doing enough biking and swimming to - hopefully - make up for it.



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