Monday, August 02, 2010

Swim, Bike, Run?

Is there a Tri in my future? I thought not. I had done no biking until last week - and hadn't done much of anything through much of July. Yet I did manage to get out on the bike twice last week: biking home Wednesday and biking into work on Thursday morning. I also learned that the Pfizer tri wasn't until the 19th this year - so I may have time to get my bike muscles into gear. I have about 10 days to figure it out before I'll need to make a sign-up decision. Normally I'd go ahead and do it - but this week starts my 1/2 training plan - so I'll need to be a little careful on getting all these workouts in. Last week looked like:
  • Sunday - strength workout - 40 minutes.
  • Monday - sweaty sneakers mile: 6.5 miles running, one of those miles fast [~sub-7:00].
  • Tuesday - swim - I think about 1400 - 34 minutes.
  • Wednesday - biked home - took about 44 minutes.
  • Thursday - biked in - took about 48 minutes. Also did a 4 mile run.
  • Friday- mowed the lawn. Harder than it sounds.
  • Saturday - short 3 mile run. Totals: 13.5 running + 9.5 xt.
  • Sunday - Martian time slip day - not included in either of my training plans, therefore it didn't really exist.
This week - I'm starting my 1/2 plan. I did 5 miles running today - including 3 miles at pace that I'm estimating at sub 7:30. It felt good to run fast-ish. Tomorrow I'll swim and possibly bike home. Wednesday - bike in and maybe do afternoon intervals. Thursday and Friday are more open - but no running - since I'll be doing the John J. Kelly summer scorcher at Ocean Beach on Saturday - more of a 1/2-plan long training run - but If I'm feeling ok I'll push it a little.

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