Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beach Run and 10x400s

Monday I headed out to Misquamicut for the end of summer beach run. They flipped the course again - I believe because a fairly large dead sea turtle washed ashore and they didn't want people running into it??? Anyway the flipped course and the fact I brought my Asics instead of my beater shoes meant that I was going barefoot. I hit the 1.5 mile turnaround in 10:48 and then eased up slightly to finish the race in 21:50. A sub 7:20 effort - could have went faster but I didn't want to trash my toes on the sand like I did a few years ago.

Yesterday I did 10x400s at the ConnCollege track. Each one was around 1:30 (6 min/mile pace) and the average below that - so it felt good and pretty fast. One more long run and I'm pretty much done with this training program!

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