Wednesday, October 06, 2010

More Mileage Please!

This is what I do - data analysis. The unlabeled y-axis is the pace in seconds (360 - 6 minutes; 420 - 7 minutes; 480 - 8 minutes). The two plots are the same data - my race paces versus the distance -however the plot on the right has the distance on a log scale. I think this is more appropriate as my 'best'/pareto races appear in a nice line. The one exception is the marathon - which should be faster - apparently about 7:50s! I better get training!

Last Saturday I did a quick 4.2 miles - with 2 mile pickups in the middle. Monday I did 5 miles - pretty easy around work. Today I did 8 miles - again pretty easy - but I'd like to keep some 8-10 milers going until 'race season' ends.

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