Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Good Half.

This morning I headed over to Rocky Neck state park for the Niantic Bay half marathon. Since I decided not to do full this year - my goals have been to (1) lose a little weight, (2) gain some strength and (3) run a good half marathon. I had done 3 previously, but never as a goal race for the season. This year it all came together as I did 1:36:08 ~ 7:20 min/mile pace. That's well over 10 minutes faster than previous attempts! I ran a pretty nice even pace and felt strong throughout. I even passed a few people on the last few miles. Confidence is a funny thing - I think last years marathon made this much easier from a mental standpoint. Even after feeling like I was working hard after 2 or 3 miles, I still kept pushing - I wasn't going to have a bad day - and I ended up running a very good half.

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