Sunday, October 24, 2010


A ho-hum week. I had much more energy than last week and made it out for runs on Monday (5.8 miles), Wednesday (5.1 miles) and Friday (6.3 miles - including a 6:35 mile pickup). Friday's run was the best since I managed to get a little extra distance and a mile pickup. I'm a little frustrated with my running group since we haven't been pushing the pace much - but it's just as much my fault - I need to make time to get some more distance in and/or some more intervals and tempo runs. Really, the tempo runs just aren't happening. Then again, I am enjoying the social aspect more and my 'goal' run for the season is done and over - so maybe the motivation just isn't there. I'll have to retool my goals soon - I think I'm mentally having trouble with this holding pattern.



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