Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mystic Snow.

Repeat after me: "I'll never do a spring marathon." Between sickness and snow - these winters - despite there beauty - are just brutal for training. I actually made it out for 3 runs last week for over 15 miles (including a 7 miler!) - but only logged a sad 3.5 hours total and no swims. I did try last Friday but I couldn't get out of work 'til later and the pool was overrun by high schoolers - even though they were on a snow day. All told, the schools were off 4 of the last 8 days (not counting weekends) and one of those four was a half day.

My hope for this week is one long run and one good swim. Do that, and I'll be happy. In fact if I could do that the next 2 weeks I'll be ecstatic. The goal is to get a run of 1:45 in before the Colchester half. Not much of a race training schedule - but all I can handle this time of year.

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