Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Few Weeks

December and training just don't go hand-and-hand. Two weeks ago I did no runs and 2 swims as I go back to the pool after a long lay-off. Last week I started with a nice swim workout and then did runs Wednesday and Friday (5miles each). I really just wanted to get out with some of my work buds - but definately shoulda pooled it on Wednesday as the run was brutally windy - a theme that's been reoccuring alot lately. Friday's run was nice - and my last from work for 2010. I did noth ing but eat and drink over the weekend - holidays...

This week started slow - just some yogo on Monday - then I did 1700 and 1600 in the pool on Tuesday and Wednesday. Today I managed a 4 mile jog (34 minutes) from home. It looked windy and cold - but actually felt pretty good.

I feel like, more in years past, that the holiday parties are taking there toll on me. I've been trying to eat and drink better - switch more to wine even though I'm floating in great beers. How am I suppose to resist a beer with a robotic dancing Ghandi?

I've starting to research cleanses. Outside had this article on the subject, and I've found a lot of internet stuff on the Master Cleanse. I may attempt it - even though it sounds horrible.

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