Monday, November 08, 2010

Tarzan Brown 2010

Not my house. I ran the Tarzan Brown race yesterday - completing the 5.5 miles in 36:25 - my fastest for that race ever. The pace is also my fastest for an event over 1 mile. Having said that - the course was changed, and although I do think it was probably my best pace ever - I kinda doubt this was a full 5.5. If it was - then the pace is 6:37. I was at 18 minutes even at the turnaround (which would've been 6:33) and 18:25 for the second half (6:42).

Anyway - kinda of a meh day weather wise - overcast with a chilly breeze - although I noticed it more during the warmup than the race itself. A lot of fast people out for the race also - great crowd - almost 800 runners. I still miss the long-sleeve tees. The weather could been worse - like today's weather.

I'll probably do the lil'rhody race in 2 weeks and the Mystic trot and dip on T-day - then call it a year.


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