Thursday, December 02, 2010

Post Season.

I'm taking it *real* easy now. I did 6 miles after the lil'rhody and then a 2.5 mile fun run (was suppose to be 3). The good news is that I did it in 17 minutes - the bad new is that I did it in 17 minutes. Then I took it real easy until Saturday. I did the Bob Harper workout which kicked my butt.

This week, I did 4.5 on Monday - was lobbying the boys to skip the 1/2 mile Jupiter loop. Today I went out on my own for 5 miles. And that's probably it. I'm really strugglin on the runs. Although maybe after many many months - my body is just saying "i'm done, see you in the new year." I'm thinking of hitting the pool next week - maybe twice with one run sandwiched in between. We'll see how it works.


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