Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Running around the year.

So it's been a great year! I'm happy with my race results and although I improved my overall fitness I think I can do more in the coming year. I still have a brutal kid-drop-off schedule this spring which'll make a spring marathon impossible. In fact, my goal in the next 4-5 months is to take it pretty easy. 3 run or swim workouts/week - maybe 2 over the next few months. And I want to hit the pool the next 3 months. I really feel like this helped my strength this year and made it easier to get out on cold days. After that I'd like to do about 8 weeks easy lead-up to a spring 1/2. Maybe focus more on bumping up distance - and keep intensity pretty mild - don't want to burn out yet. Summer - tri and mile time (one thing I didn't accomplish this year was a good mile). Then start mid/late summer on a fall marathon. I'd like to do a different one than in 2009, but Philly is at such a good time of year - nice and late. It should be doable - and I've mentally talked myself into aiming for an 8:00 min/mile time - 3:30s or so.

About the photo: it was on a blog post on the runners world web site. I usually don't pimp runner's world - but the current issue has the best content I can remember in a long time - they even have an interesting marathon training plan that tops out the long runs at 16 miles!



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